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Qualification properties with the specialty-pre-School instruction.

Qualified professional exercise in the specialist is aimed at the development, education and teaching of kids of early, preschool and preschool age

The graduate should be ready for pedagogical, organizational, managerial, educational functions. In accordance while using the conditions of recent modern society, a specialist will need to have a large volume of training humanistic beliefs centered on universal values. like this A specialist should preferably incorporate wide fundamental and realistic working out to grasp his profession, be ready to exercise to apply the acquired practical knowledge, to have pedagogical tools and means of work within the professional of preschool instruction. The purpose of the graduates on the specialty will be the instruction, preparation and enhancement of youngsters within the effective function of preschool corporations, orphanages. Sphere of high quality exercise: The sphere of specialist action of graduates on the specialty is-the industry of training: training, training and development of children of preschool age in accordance while using the Essential minimum amount content material within the Standard instruction process of preschool schooling and exercise of youngsters from a single to six several years.

Objects of certified exercise:

The objects of skilled professional action of graduates are: educational organizations, pre-school organizations, mini-centers, pedagogical schools, departments of education and learning, institutes of enhancement of specialized ability. Topics of specialized exercise: The topics of skilled professional exercise are: desired goals, goals, information, sorts of business of training and training, benefits, solutions to carry out the requirements of the approach of schooling from the Republic of Kazakhstan. Kinds of expert exercise: – training, teaching, development and formation of the persona of a preschooler; – corporation belonging to the strategy of education and learning and education, management within the pedagogical procedure; – diagnostics, correction, forecasting of benefits of pedagogical activity; learning, generalization, distribution of leading-edge working experience with the sphere of preschool training. Competent features: Features of professional activity in the specialist of preschool education and coaching are: the corporation of varied activities of youngsters of preschool age, administration of process of development and improvement within the personality. Needs for primary competencies inside of the specialty 0101000 – pre-School education and learning and upbringing know: – with regard to the phenomena and legal guidelines of improvement of character, culture and person; – around the progression of culture: diversity of cultures, civilization, sorts of social knowledge, the place of Kazakhstan in the world-historical plan; know: – scientific and theoretical bases and regularities of education, teaching, progress of preschool kids, abilities of education of children of early childhood; – fundamentals of the legislative process with the Republic of Kazakhstan, legal, ethical and moral expectations with the industry of specialist action; – patterns of mental development, age and particular attributes in the child’s psyche; – the function of intellectual improvement as one particular in the most essential issues of planning a baby for college; – new kinds of pre-school businesses at the moment stage; – the essence of modern academic systems, advanced pedagogical, domestic, ethnic practical experience inside the group of coaching and education; – the main types of violations of kid progress; – the site and function of preschool pedagogy and private solutions around the scheme of interdisciplinary homework in resolving sensible trouble of education, exercising and private development of preschool boys and girls; – qualities for the affliction of improvement within the child’s identity from the family inside the new variations of pre-school corporations at present phase. know: – to research the key economic procedures with the Republic of Kazakhstan and abroad; – to investigate the historical past of preschool pedagogy as well as the present condition of domestic and overseas preschool pedagogy; – reveal the defining patterns of psychological growth of kids and their marriage with training and exercising; – implement modern-day tactics of scientific examine, developed in psychological and pedagogical science, to find out the ways of processing the actual content; – to reveal the psychological composition of each form of children’s action, to point out the styles of its development during the course of preschool childhood; provide the skills: – development and implementation for the instructional process of preschool establishments; – mental, ethical, physical, social, aesthetic, financial, environmental training and development of kids of early, preschool and preschool age. be capable: – within the discipline of schooling: to know the main factors, elements of working and enhancement, concept and observe of education and learning and preparation, prospects for renewal and development; – in knowledge the function of psychological factors in fixing the issues of schooling, workout to always be able to determine psychological trouble in just their specialty; – inside would mean of diagnosis and correction of particular features of preschool kids.

Pre-school schooling and training

Aim: to be sure equivalent obtain to high-quality pre-school education and learning and schooling Concentrate on indicator: proportion of children aged 3-6 ages enrolled in pre-school schooling and preparation on updated articles and other content Responsibilities: 1. To enhance the standard from the educating employees of pre-school businesses and enhance the prestige in the educating job. By 2020, it will be planned to improve the share of instructors in pre-school companies with specialized bigger and technological and vocational training to 50 %. To achieve this indicator, the condition academic get to the instruction of teachers in universities and colleges within the specialty “pre – School schooling and training” would be increased every year (in 2015, one 805 grants were being allocated in faculties, 295 grants in universities, in 2019 in colleges – up to 2,two hundred, in universities – up to 350 grants). It’s also planned to modify to unbiased certification of training workforce for pre-school education and exercising in 2019. All calendar year, about 7,000 academics of pre-school education and learning and working out will go through exercising programs within the cost on the spending budget. Furthermore, academics of pre-school companies will every year increase their capabilities in the price of extra-budgetary cash. two. Strengthen the community of pre-school companies using into account the demographic circumstances. Pre-school organizations will develop equally quantitatively and qualitatively, may be concentrated on meeting the specifications with the populace, using into consideration the demographic predicament. By 2020, 186.3 thousand new places shall be made (2016 – 47.4 thousand; 2017 – 41.nine thousand; 2018 – 44.six thousand; 2019 – fifty two.4 thousand), which is able to expand the rate of coverage of youngsters, which include from low-income households, preschool education and education. These spots are going to be offered at the expenditure of enlargement of a community belonging to the preschool companies with comprehensive working day of work by gradual transformation of the mini-centers with short-term day of labor in 100 % with the cost of means belonging to the community finances and mechanisms of PPP. Energetic and focused information regarding the advantages of PPPs in addition to the placement of the point out educational will sakasavesa appreciable advancement of personal preschools. New regular projects for your development and operation of pre-school corporations positioned over the 1st flooring of household complexes, such as because of PPP, would be introduced. In 2019, the quantity of rooms of psychological and pedagogical correction will develop from one hundred thirty five models to 263 units. three. Update the content of pre-school education and learning and preparation directed at superior preparing of youngsters for college. For the reason that 2016, the current State pre-school training and workout software would be introduced, introduced having into account the early growth of children from 1 to 3 decades, Typical education design method of pre-school schooling and schooling and educational system of pre-school education. Given that 2017, all businesses of preschool training and preparation will gradually introduce aspects of the software of multilingual education with all the examine of Kazakh, Russian and English languages. By 2017, a product of indicators are going to be established and implemented to trace the event of capabilities in young people in pre-school organizations. Analysis are going to be performed with the starting, middle and stop on the school year (opening influence, intermediate and remaining), the outcomes are filled while in the “observation Sheets”. About the basis in the been given info, a person toddler growth card is loaded in. Do the trick will proceed in the progress and implementation of academic and methodical complexes (hereinafter-UMK), including extraordinary products for kids with exceptional instructional requirements for 8 forms of violations. Pre-school planning of 6-year-olds will be reworked in the 1st quality of a 12-year school from the 2019-2020 faculty year. From 2017, with the cost of extra-budgetary funds, the mechanism of distance gaining knowledge of for parents to care for youngsters of preschool age and their improvement (as a minimum 2 thousand dads and moms of kids 1-6 yrs outdated who you should not attend preschool corporations in just about every area) might be analyzed and carried out by using the portal “??????.kz”. four. To enhance management and monitoring belonging to the improvement of pre-school instruction and coaching. The notification procedure relating to the beginning and termination of functions with the subject of pre-school education and learning and schooling will probably be even more enhanced, that is certainly directed at strengthening influence through the activities of pre-school organizations and raising the accountability in the subjects of pre-school schooling. Each individual 12 months, twenty % of pre-school instruction establishments will go through the method of state certification if you want to manage the compliance of instructional companies while using necessities within the point out compulsory traditional of pre-school training and training. In accordance along with the Theory of social progression within the Republic of Kazakhstan right until 2030, deliver the results will continue to further improve the solution of evaluation of instructional achievements. Academic systems of highly developed exercise classes inside subject of administration is going to be up to date, which is able to be properly trained every year by 20 % of heads of preschool businesses. The tutorial software programs of innovative schooling classes will include revolutionary varieties of administration for the progress of management attributes in a new paradigm of instruction. Measures will likely be taken to produce a society of diet amongst preschool young children, like by using the marketing of the well balanced healthy eating regimen and guaranteeing their use of natural and refreshing goods.